About The Artist


Hi! First off, thank you for visiting my website!

I have always been a creative person… I love to keep busy creatively! One thing that has always be apart of my life is to create!

I’ve worked in the career field of photography well before the digital age. Learning first on a 35mm film camera and working in a photo-lab developing other families films. Taking pride in my work and having my work stand out from the crowd has always been important to me.

 I love that priceless memories can be captured and preserved with one well-taken photograph, transporting you back to a moment in time. Photographs are not only for you…their for your children and your children’s children.

I have photographed many things over the years, from family portraits, pets & animals, brand/ product photography and even a wedding or two.

In my set & design creations, I pull from my background in technical theatre. I majored in Props creation at Sheridan College and had the honour of studying under some of the best in the business for properties, lighting, stage management & more. This background compliments my photography work as well, in that at its heart, photography is the understanding of light and artistic expression.

I specialize in working with pets & animals of all sizes. I have a long history working with pets and their people as a Certified Reiki Master (specializing in working with animals) and Certified Animal Bowen Therapy practitioner.  I do not find it necessary to buy trust with treats, but genuinely earn it through energy and respecting the animal as a living being with a mind and soul of its own.  This is an organic way of beginning an open and honest relationship with your animal. My approach to photographing an animal is to wait for them to be comfortable, and confident; until he or she is ready to show their personality and who they truly are from the inside out.  My goal in this profession is to take my practiced skill and talent to give you a tangible memory of your special loved one.
My girl Amelia is my soulmate.  I know first hand the drive to collect and preserve these moments and memories.



“…the right image that captures the soul is the one that when you see it on display or in an album, will spark a memory and bring a smile that will last a lifetime.” ~ Jodie






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